Critical Care

When someone you love is seriously ill, you want them to have access to the best care possible.

Holyoke Health Critical Care

Our Critical Care team understands how important its skills can be to a patient and to the patient’s loved ones during times of crisis. With the latest in medical technology and state-of-the-art equipment, as well as a knowledgeable and highly trained staff, Holyoke Medical Center’s approach to Critical Care combines the best elements of modern medicine with traditional caring. Holyoke Medical Center's team approach has a focus and commitment to providing quality, compassionate care with safety as a top priority. The nurse-to-patient ratio in the HMC Intensive Care Unit (ICU) has been:
Date Range Name of ICU Type of ICU Average Daily Patient Census Average Daily Staff Nurse Census Average Daily Staff Nurse-to-Patient Ratio
October 1, 2016 - December 31, 2016 ICU MED/SURG ICU 4.18 3.32 1 : 1.25903
July 1, 2016 - September 30, 2016 ICU MED/SURG ICU 5 4 1 : 1.35495
April 1, 2016 - June 30, 2016 ICU MED/SURG ICU 5 4 1 : 1.29210
January 1, 2016 - March 31, 2016 ICU MED/SURG ICU 5 4 1: 1.24946